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Monday, January 23, 2017


This is super late but we had an eventful year. We have been living in Utah for over a year now! Cash turned 4!!! 

We also let cash choose our summer vacation. We went to Legoland on our way to the Hatch reunion in Arizona.

We got our annual Diamondbacks game in while we were in Arizona. Cash even got a ball. Cousin Kacey came to visit while I had my gallbladder out. Jensen turned one in August!!

Nolans oldest sister passed away in September so we drove to Alabama for the funeral and to move nolans niece in with is. It was an long drive but a good adventure and we love having Courtney love with us. Cash and Jensen loved the ocean!

We got a dog and bought a house in November!! Utah is growing on us and we plan to spend a while here! 

We ended the year with a fun Christmas and another trip to Arizona!!!

But the best news of the year is that we will be adding Hatch baby 3 in July!! We are so blessed!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

OUR 2015!!!

At Christmas time a year ago, we surprised Nolan, With a shirt that said, " Be nice to me my wife is pregnant."

That started 2015 out with a bang!

We kept it going with Vanessa and Cash coaching basketball every day.

Nolan finished his military training in Arizona,

So we moved to Idaho for the summer.

We fished, swam, played with aunt Nat,

And made lots of trips to Twin Falls, as Vanessa got fat.

Jensen Lynette was born on August first.

She is the sweetest baby on this Earth.

When she was three weeks old, we packed everything up,

And drove to Arizona to stay for three months.

Nolan trained in AZ for Geico claims department.

Now that he is finished, we moved to Layton, Utah.

We are loving it here, except for the cold.

Cash keeps saying, "St David keeps my toes warm."

Three states and three jobs all in one year,

May have been kind of crazy, but we are happy here.

Mostly we are thankful for our Lord, Jesus Christ,
For coming to earth and paying the price.

Merry Christmas!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Best Easter ever

This easter was great. We started the week out by getting to see one of my favorite people in the whole world. I hadnt seen her since I moved from Idaho to Arizona in March of 2010. My roomate Serena her husband Nathan and their little boy Donovan came to Mesa to see Nathans grandparents. We drove up there and went to the Easter Pageant with them, swam, explored Ikea, and went mini golfing. It was sooo fun and a much needed get away. I loved seeing serena! Sure do miss her. And her son is soo cute. Him and Cashtyn could be brothers.

After playing mini golf

I love this part of the easter Pageant!

Goofy boys

I wish we lived closer cause they would be best buds!

Cash loved when Dad would through him high!

Best floaties ever!


Nolan thinks this should be a Speedo Add lol

Driving to Ikea!

After we went to mesa we got to enjoy easter weekend with out whole family! We had an easter egg hung with all of the Higginbothams! It was so fun. The kelsey's were in own and same with the Hurds! Also the Haymores blessed little baby Devry so Chad and Ashley and the Bryants came down too. We had everyone in town but Natalie and Elise and they are both visiting soon. We have been so blessed to get to have so much family in town. Sydney got to spend the night with us friday before easter and we filled lots of eggs with candy and even some with Money! We also did her nails. It was a really fun night! I dont have pictures of all the fun things we did that weekend. These next pictures are from easter morning.

Snuggling waiting to get their easter baskets. Ellie loves Baby Cash

Checking out what the Easter bunny brough


More loves from Ellie

We loved having so much family in town and feel very grateful for all that the Lord has blessed us with. We are thankful the sacrafice Jesus mad for us so that we could one day live with him again.  I love easter and what it means. I am very thankful we got to spend it with family. Love you all!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Photo dump! From Christmas and on!