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Monday, January 23, 2017


This is super late but we had an eventful year. We have been living in Utah for over a year now! Cash turned 4!!! 

We also let cash choose our summer vacation. We went to Legoland on our way to the Hatch reunion in Arizona.

We got our annual Diamondbacks game in while we were in Arizona. Cash even got a ball. Cousin Kacey came to visit while I had my gallbladder out. Jensen turned one in August!!

Nolans oldest sister passed away in September so we drove to Alabama for the funeral and to move nolans niece in with is. It was an long drive but a good adventure and we love having Courtney love with us. Cash and Jensen loved the ocean!

We got a dog and bought a house in November!! Utah is growing on us and we plan to spend a while here! 

We ended the year with a fun Christmas and another trip to Arizona!!!

But the best news of the year is that we will be adding Hatch baby 3 in July!! We are so blessed!!

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